Beginning From Natural Beauties

Dear Visitor,

Thank you for sparing your precious time to read this Personal Blog “Bali Adventure Zones” and your interest to obtain information on Bali.
We understand that in such a blog we can no possibly give you much information on such an island as Bali which has so much so many to offer. Beginning from natural beauties to traditional social system, religious, philosophy, ceremonies, traditional musics ,dances, and other cultural values.
My aim, therefore, is to you some ideas of what to see, to learn, to experience and where to go to make the best of you time while in Bali.
Experinces tell us that most of the visitor are repeaters.
They gradually be come lovers of Bali after repeated visits which give them more time to get to know about the people with their daily life, different ways of doing things, the Don’t and the Do’s and all that.
The Balinese touches of Bali with the People in The Villages.Therefore before you explore the villages and get in touch with the people,we are to afraid to say, you do not see and do not know Bali yet.
So,do the right thing!!
Thank you.
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