Kecak Dance

Opposite to popular believes, the Kecak Dance is not particularly old. It was firstly performed around 1930, although the chorus had its origin in a very ancient ritual of Sanghyang (Trance) Dance, which is still in orbit sometimes and convey his wishes to the people. The accompanying choruses sit and chant maintaining syncopation, hypnotic tempo, kecak-kecak-cak-cak…

Kecak Dance itself consists of Ramayana as follows:
The divine prince Rama, legal heir to the throne of Ayodia, is forced to live in exile in the forest with his wife Sita and his younger brother Laksmana. While they are living there, the giant Rahwana, king of the demons and monsters of wickedness and lechery, lust after the beautiful Sita and devises a plan to steal her. His Prime Minister Marica, disguises as a golden deer, lures Rama and Laksmana away from Sita, who is then kidnapped and taken to Rawana’s Kingdom.
Discovering the deception, Rama sets out to rescue Sita from the clutches of demon king. Rama is assisted by his huge army of monkeys who participate in the many battle that follows before Rawana is eventually killed and Sita rescued.
Sita has sent  her husband  to try and capper  the golden deer. Unaware that It is really Rawana’s  prime minister in disguise. Soon a cry for help is heard  and thought it was  Rama’s voice, Sita asks Laksmana  to go and see what is happen. Reasoning that a divine  prince Rama’s come not too  really harm, Laksmana  at first refused the request. However when Sita accuses him of wondering if his brother dead so he can marry her, Laksmana becomes very angry and complies her whishes, then leaving her alone unprotected.
Rawana kidnaps the terrified Sita and takes her to his kingdom.
In  Rawana’s palace, Sita is accompanied  by Trijata, Rawana’s niece.  She is very unhappy.  Suddenly  the monkey General, Hanoman appears. He has secretly entered his palace and brought a ring from Rama for Sita to prove that he is a friend of Rama. In return, Sita gives Hanoman a token to be brought to Rama and telling him that she is alive and well, though desperately need his help.
On the battlefield, Rama is shot by Meganada, the son of Rawana. Meganada’s arrow turn into a snake which encircles Rama and ties him up with a rope. In the dance, this scene is represented by the inner circle of the chorus, separating from the rest and surrounding Rama. In the desperation, Rama calls his ally the Garuda bird, who immediately appears and let Rama free by pecking the snake to death.
Sugriwa, the king of monkeys, offer to lead the monkey army against Meganada. He challenges Meganada to come out from the cloud and fight.  Here the chorus divides itself into 2 phases. One half forms the monkey army and make monkey noises while the other becomes the demons army, shouting cak-cak-cak. The monkeys win the ensuing battle, Rama succeeds killing Rawana and finally he returns happily to his Kingdom with Sita, his be loving wife.
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