Tropical Climate and Population

Bali has a tropical climate appropriate to its proximity to the equator. Year round temperatures averaging 31 degrees celcius. High humidity  can be expected during the Wet season between the months of October-April.

The Dry season between the months of May-September have also the lowest humidity. The wet season brings daily rain quite overcast days with the most rain recorded between December-February. Occasionally rainfall can also be expected during the dry season but usually at night or very early morning. June-August there is usually a very refreshing cool breeze all day long. The central mountain area is typically cooler than the lower coastal areas mainly especially at night.
With 3.2 million people, Bali is a very densely populated island. The population is almost all Indonesian, With the usual small Chinese contingent in the big towns, a sprinkling of Indian merchants, plus a number of more or less permanent visitors amongst the westerns in Bali. Population control is a priority of the Indonesian Government, and the family planning slogan…two is enough…is a recurring theme in roadside posters and statuary. It seems to have been quite successful as many young families are limiting themselves to two children, or sometimes maybe three, but certainly not the seven or nine children common two or three generations ago.(pja)
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