Priority Suggest Regional Tourism Offices ( Diparda ), Renon, Bali Tourism Office suggested to the central government to the implementation of the visa application on board (visa checks on airplanes) is also applied to countries that become potential markets for tourism of Bali.

Bali Tourism Office hopes enforcement visa on board not only apply to tourists from Japan but also for tourists from China and Australia.

Considering China and Australian tourists are always a big 3 position in terms of number of tourist visits to Bali.

Chief of Bali Tourism Office in Ida Bagus Subhiksu said in Renon, Wednesday (27 / 1) states the implementation of visa on board should be prioritized in countries with the number of visitors high enough to Bali. This is to anticipate the long lines at the airport visa checks.
“It’s really come hundreds to thousands of people with long queue, it’s causing problems. With tourist visa on board queue not need anymore, “said Ida Subhiksu good.

Chief of Bali Tourism Office admitted Ida Bagus Subhiksu optimistic visa application on board effective as of February 1 next will attract more tourists to keep visiting Bali.

While the Bali Tourism Office this year set a target of tourist visit to Bali to reach 2.3 million tourists. (Mlt)

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