Several Fullmoon Days In Bali

Hindus have a holiday that is based on Sasih ( month ) of full moon and Tilem. This holy day is celebrated every 15 days once in every month.

So it can be concluded within 1 year Hindus celebrate the holiday 12 times and 12 times full moon holiday Tilem.
On full moon day of Hindu worship Sang Hyang Chandra. And on holidays Tilem Hindus revere Sang Hyang Surya. Tilem moon combination is a purification of Sang Hyang Rwa Bhinneda namely Surya and Chandra. At the time he celebrated a lunar eclipse with Candrastawa (Somastawa) and at the time of solar eclipse, he worshiped with Suryacakra Bhuwanasthawa.

On the holy day usually Purnama and Tilem Hindus people offerings Canang Sari and Daksina in every imaginable pelangkiran ( Shrine ) at every home. Purnama or Tilem which has a special meaning with banten (offering) usually sesayut added.

The following day high-Purnama Tilem special significance for Hindus:

• Sasih Kapat
Purnama Kapat Lord Parameswara as Sang Hyang Purusangkara, accompanied by the Gods, Widyadara-Widyadari and the Rsi gana. Kapat Tilem and carried on the inner purification offerings to Widyadara-Widyadari.

• Sasih Kepitu
In Tilem Sasih Kepitu, Hindus celebrate the feast of the Holy Shiva Ratri. On this night Sang Hyang Shiva prayer with yoga , tonight called fusion night of sin.

• Sasih Kesanga
Tilem Sasih Kesanga is purification of the gods, in this case the implementation of the Bhuta Yadnya wrote Symbolized Tawur Agung Kasanga .

• Sasih Kedasa
Purnama Sasih Kedasa Sang Hyang Sunya Amrita on Wisesa heaven . Piodalan Bhatara Turun Kabeh at Besakih Temple held on every Purnama Sasih Kedasa.

• Sasih Sada
In Purnama Sada Hindus worship Lord Kawitan in Sanggah kemulan ( at home ).
So a few days Purnama Tilem holy Hindu. Implementation Yadnya Hindus who do actually is to achieve happiness in the world and the hereafter. Moksartham Jagadhita Ya Caiti Dharma !!!!

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