By: Safir Senduk
Excerpted from Tabloid NOVA No. 682/XIII

You will have to deal with the bank. But when I asked if any of you who know what the bank actually, I’m sure not all of them could answer. If you do not know, why do you still want to open an account and save money there? Do not worry readers, I myself had to open their own savings accounts at the bank since my high school, though I myself did not know what is meant by the bank (even though my parents used to work in a bank).

Writing this time will discuss a bit about what is a bank, and what products are sold by banks, especially savings products. Bank is an institution that is its core business to save and borrow funds from the community.
For example, if you save money in the bank (eg deposits), you probably will get 10 percent interest per year. In turn, banks will lend money to the community, and those who borrow money to pay interest to the banks higher than 10 percent.
The difference is that the percentage of bank profits. That’s just dirty profits, lo. In fact, the profits from the difference that still need to be reduced again to pay the operational costs of the bank, such as staff salaries and office expenses other.
Banks often referred to as the pulse of economic activity of a country. In humans, for example, the pulse is “channel” in charge of lead substances (contained in the blood) from one part of the body to another part of the body. If in humans, less blood will cause sluggish, then the state, less money will lead to a sluggish state economy. This is because money is the blood that drives the economy. There is no business to be open if there is no money. You also do not want to do business if there is no lure of money, right?
Therefore, do not overdo it if we know more about the products in the bank. Thus we can utilize these products as much as possible in accordance with our needs.
Had been said, that the bank’s main business is as deposit institutions and borrowing money. Therefore, banking products can be divided into two: savings products and loan products. Writing this time will discuss the first products in the bank and how to maximize its benefits. Someday maybe we can discuss loan products.

Current Account is an account that money can be taken every day, in which the account payment facility is equipped with a check and giro bilyet. When you transact with other parties, then you can pay by check or giro bilyet. Checks are securities in which the person you give this check can be cashed at the bank directly. While checking bilyet are securities in which the person you give these deposits can not be cashed at the bank’s deposits, but it must first be deposited into the account. Only after that the money will be liquid in the bill.
Checking accounts usually do not give flowers. Even if some banks do provide flowers, the flowers are usually small and often referred to as “checking services”. At present, the bank usually provides maximum gyro 1 to 2 percent of the total balance (usually) the lowest of the minimum provisions in a month.
Minimum deposit for checking accounts vary in each bank. But at this moment, the smallest amount of the deposit is USD 250,000 (for individual checking account) and Rp 500,000 (for the corporation’s checking account).
As a reciprocal of services and facilities provided, then almost all bank administrative charge to their customers directly gironya deducted from the account each month.
With a checking account, each month you will get a checking account (sort of routine reports) are sent to your address each month. In the written report when and to what and how much money out of your account.

Savings is a bank deposit products in the deposit or withdrawal can be done anytime. Almost everyone feels obliged to have savings in the bank. Not only in one bank, but also in two or three banks at once. Why is that? The answer is that current savings are not only used as a means of saving money, but also combined with other facilities that actually had a bit outside of the purpose of saving itself. Examples such as debit facility, ATM facility, transfers, and so forth.
So if seen, the purpose of saving someone in the bank can be divided into two. First, because to be truly able to save to collect a certain number of funds in the future. Examples such as saving to buy a particular need. Second, just wanted to make savings as a storage account, and not to actually save money. Examples such as the account that money used to pay the monthly expenditure. Well, here in the form of facilities and ATM Card Debit Card only really used.
Initial deposit is the minimum amount that must be deposited as a condition of opening savings. Minimum balance is the minimum amount that must be disisakan on your savings. Initial deposit and minimum balance on savings is usually the same, for example, if the initial deposit is Rp 25,000 is the minimum balance is USD 25,000. But the composition of the two may not be as dependent on bank regulation. So is the amount of initial deposit and minimum balance required.
Double check what the minimum balance in terms of your savings if your bank allows customers savings up to make withdrawals under the minimum balance, and how fines are imposed if the balance until it reaches below the minimum? Should choose the savings that requires the smallest minimum balance so you can more freely make withdrawals from your savings
The annual interest rate that banks provided funds stored on the savings can be developed, thus saving the customer more. The annual interest rate is usually calculated from the end of month average balance ¬ daily average for the month. Interest savings can be given in a single rate. This means that any quantity of your money in savings interest rates remain the same. Could also be a story. This means that the number of different balances, rates given are not the same. Typically, the more sediment balance of interest given the higher.
As a reciprocal of services and facilities provided, then almost all the Bank’s administrative charge to their customers directly deducted from the savings each month. But now there is also the Bank which does not impose administrative costs on savings.
Savings books are used as a medium of recording your transactions. Savings books usually also have to take the time to make cash withdrawals at the counter. There is also a bank savings book with replacing a checking account that is sent to your address every month. In a written report when and to what and how much money out of your account.

Deposits are a bank deposit products in the deposit or withdrawal can only be done at certain times. For example, if you put money USD 1 million in term deposits of 3 months, then the money USD 1 million are new you can take after 3 months have passed. Of course, you also promised provision of a particular flower that you can enjoy it at the time of deposit matures.
Deposit interest rate is usually higher than savings rates. This is because your money will be “locked” for a certain period so that the bank felt the need to promising interest rates higher than interest rates on savings accounts that the money can you withdraw at any time. This is usually the main attraction of deposits.
Unlike the savings that can be opened with a small initial deposit. Minimum deposit for a larger deposit, the amount in each bank varies, but the current minimum is Rp 500,000.
Another advantage of the deposit is not wearing a monthly administrative fee, because the lack of transactions through deposit accounts. Thus even though there is still withholding tax deposits for the deposit interest calculated from that you get.

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