You can calculate your fertile period using the calendar system. This is the way of natural or natural to use when you have regular menstrual cycles. Try to record your menstrual cycle in the last 3 months in a row (on the first day of menstruation).
And should the women with menstrual cycle irregularities would be difficult to assess the fertile period in this way.

Calculation of this fertile period based on the fertile or when ovulation occurred on day 14 of the menstrual period to come and minus 2 days because sperm can live for 48 hours after ejaculation and add 2 days for the egg can survive 24 hours after ovulation.
So, for example 28-day menstrual cycle, and menstruation occurs on the last 1, the date of the next month is a period of 28. Thus, your estimated time of ovulation, ie in the middle – the middle of the menstrual period on 14. So, the fertile time is at approximately the date of 12 to 16.

• With the rate increase in body temperature, body temperature usually increases before and after ovulation due to hormonal influence of progesterone.

• By assessing cervical mucus. The hormone estrogen peak during ovulation and cervical mucus affected. Near ovulation cervical mucus is usually a little thin, and when touched with two fingers forming a clear-colored yarn.

• Ovulation Test Equipment. We also have free diapotik sold or drug store tool to assess the fertile period of fertility predictor tests or ovulation. This test instrument works by measuring levels of LH hormone produced during ovulation. This tool is used as a pregnancy test but of course more expensive.

Knowing when your fertile period, which can help you plan to have children and also at the same time as a method of family planning or contraception is still natural to want to postpone pregnancy, no sexual intercourse during fertile.(net)

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