Buda Cemeng Kelawu

Buda Cemeng Kelawu give a special attention day to worship Batari Rambut Sadana for the gift of wealth and prosperity in abundance.
On that day, most families to offer the protested piodalan at Mrajan their homes. Later, financial institutions such as banks began holding on piodalan or padmasana pujawali respective offices on the Buda Cemeng Kelawu. Therefore, Buda Cemeng Kelawu become so lively and colorful throughout Bali.Indeed, in the palm Sundarigama mentioned, Buda Wage Kliwon called Buda Cemeng Kelawu also a time of worship  Batari Rambut Sadana, the Goddess of the ruler of money.

Wayan Buddha Gautama  in the book Rerahinan Hindu festivals widi-mentioned types of widana to be offered on the Buda Cemeng Kelawu includes sacred, daksina, wring it out, penek, ajuman, yellow and white sodaan. However, these offerings could still change again according dresta workshops in each region.
Place to offer sacrifices, widi those widana Parahyangan including among others Pura Melanting or other pretend that it has a commemorative statue Ida Batara Rambut Sadana . So is the corrected / Mrajan and where to store money (vault) and rice storage.

Abstinence Transaction
Interestingly, there is belief among some people about abstinence Bali to transact using the money  when Buda Cemeng Kelawu. In some areas was also mentioned as Buda Cemeng Kelawu prohibition to pay or collect debts or even providing / handout rice to others.
For people who live in the modern tradition, such taboos is of course difficult to accept.Economic dynamics of such a high society makes it impossible to stop the transaction using the money in a day. Stop the transaction is also to stop economic activity. Cessation of economic activity means a loss.
However, restrictions to trade using money and payment instruments like the days .Balinese local wisdom in looking at the meaning and significance of money. Balinese people realize money is something that has occupied very important positions in public life today..
Because money was so powerful in the age of Kali Yuga, the Balinese constantly reminded to control himself in looking at, interpret, treat and make money.In Buda Cemeng Kelawu, Balinese people aware of how the money is not everything, money is not a god. By letting the money still, not paid and do not circulate, the Balinese are reminded of the nature of money.Have dominion over all the world is the Most Great, the Almighty Creator.
The Balinese are also reminded to manage their money wisely and proportionately.Sarasamuscaya mentioned in the book, treasures, including the money should be divided by three. A third for meeting the needs of life (kama), create a third invested or played again (arta) so be growing. The remaining one-third more must be donated, in-yadnya a (dharma). Dharma is to be translated in a broader sense. Not just for the sake of religious ceremony, also to help our brothers and sisters less fortunate, fund the education of poor children.(eka)

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