Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is the most important festival for Chinese people to welcome the new year in Chinese calendar qamari. Qamari Chinese calendar divides the orbit 12 years and is called blessing haiwan name.
Chinese New Year symbolizes the beginning, the starting point in the fate and life.

Before the day of the new year begins, a far relatives will come back together. The house will be washed and all debts, receivables quoted or paid so they do not always surrounded by debt throughout the new year. Firecracker burned at midnight to mark the beginning of a new year and to dispel gnome and misfortune. The houses decorated with fruit juice as a cheap symbol of sustenance, interest and principal lime.
The Origin of the Lunar New Year warning even this has its own story. It is said in ancient times to the right of each spring in late winter are often interrupted the beast called Nian.
This beast came from the ocean floor to eat humans. Society knows that Nian was afraid of loud noise. Therefore, to prevent it coming, they hit the drum, gongs and bamboo burn will cause a crash (this last one has been replaced by fireworks, after the discovery of gunpowder in the Sung dynasty).
From then on each end of winter, people celebrate the new year with the imlek burn firecrackers and played barongsai to expel all evil and welcomes the arrival of spring.
Chinese New Year is celebrated with a feast and kuih yee the basket. The family will feast with traditional dishes like duck meat, smoked meat, sosej, kuih sticky rice, mandarin and lime. The young group also visited classes to parents and receive ang pau money in a red envelope to symbolize good fortune, which was given by people who told their families that are still not married. Parade a dragon or lion dances will be held, with ornate carriage accompanied by the sound of the drum. Fifteen days after the Chinese New Year celebration, Chinese New Year celebration ends with the celebration of Chap Goh May
Chinese New Year is not only celebrated by the Chinese in the world equally, even celebrated by the nation’s share of Korea, Vietnam, Mongol and Miao (Hmong China) are influenced by China in terms of culture and religion, then helped put qamari Chinese calendar. ( net )

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