As long as you are in Bali

Have a Pleasant Stay In Bali
General INFO :


•    Wear lots of sunscreen when traveling around or swimming.
•    Drink a lot of water . Drink only boiled , distilled or mineral water.

•    Change your money at a reputable money changer. Use your own calculator and recount your money in the counter before leaving it.
•    Wear light, airy, casual clothes for your comfortable.
•    Take care of your belongings at all time.
•    Bargain when shopping except on fixed price tagged goods.
•    Make sure that you have personal or travel insurance that will cover any accidents.
•    Be careful when driving and crossing the road in Bali.
•    Wear a sarong and sash when visiting temples and attending ceremonies.
•    Wear your most respectable clothes if you want to go the immigration office.
•    Take of your shoes when enter someone’s house.


•    Swim outside of the designated areas.
•    Do drugs it is death penalty.
•    Enter the temple when menstruating.
•    Use flash cameras during ceremonies .
•    Take valuables to the beach. Bring your camera only if you are not going to swim, or if you are in pairs and one can swim while one watches.
•    Step on ceremonial offerings in the street.
•    Use the left hand to earn or to give or receive anything.
•    The left hand is considered unclean and impolite.
•    Touch people’s head. It is very offensive to Hindu.
•    Step in offering in the street.

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