Tumpek Landep Ceremony

“Tumpek Landep” one day the Hindus privileged enough to fall once every 210 days. At that time the people of Bali hold a special ritual activities dedicated to the objects and technology, thanks to services that have been able to provide facilities in achieving life goals.

Foreign tourists holidaying in the island resort, there are of them have a strong spiritual aura, so they could feel the series of rituals in the island resort. Including Tumpek Landep Bali fully made the earth emit vibrations purity, peace and comfort.
Step with the progress, Balinese people have more and more households means completeness of iron and copper.
Support equipment include cars, motorcycles, television, radio, and other types of equipment. For those who get in business for copy and printing images that operate various machines, as well Tumpek Landep ceremony, with prayers for climbing equipment they use more durable and does not get damaged.“If luxury cars were able to communicate, of course hoping purchased by the Balinese, because in addition to being treated well, also got special treatment on the day Tumpek Landep,”.

All metal equipment, including machinery, should be preserved in purity, in the hope not cause problems for human life and the universe.

Care and maintenance is meant, both physically, and noetic (unseen) to carry out ritual activities called Tumpek Landep ceremony.

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