Shopping In Bali

To some, shopping is serious hobby, where better to practice bargaining skills in Bali, unless the product is prices- tagged, bargaining is  the “norm”. Try to not accept the first price that are given, as most vendors add on anything between 30% – 50% extra. Get more for your money, if prepare to spend time and smile whilst bargaining. Although tempting, try not to make any major purchases for the first few days. Look around, take your time, bargaining hard and then buy. ( guide )
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2 Responses to Shopping In Bali

  1. PanDe Baik says:

    Tapi metawahan ini cuma berlaku di pasar tradisional atw pasar malam aja loh Ka. Tidak di supermarket apalagi Galeria. :p

  2. Klo tamu sekelas backpacker metawahan kayaknya wajib,…walaupun dah jelas2 itu harga bandrol,…

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