Sequence Of Service- Restaurants

   1. Sequence of Service
   2. Attributes of a Server
          * Hardworking
          * Flexible
          * Honest
          * Resourceful
          * Good listener
          * Salesman
          * Lots of common sense
          * Hygienic & well-groomed
   3. Service Sequence
          * Welcoming Guests
          * Guiding and seating the Guest/s.
          * Check comfort and seating arrangement
          * Serving water
          * Menu Presentation
          * Order Taking
          * Suggestive Selling
          * Repeat Order/s
          * Placing Order/s to System and Kitchen
          * Quality Checking
          * Food Presentation
          * Check Satisfaction
          * Offer Dessert and Drinks
          * Clearing and Crumbing
          * Presenting the Bill
          * Thank the Guest/s
  4. Welcoming Guest
          * Ensure that the restaurant is ready for the service
          * Greet Guest/s with a SMILE
          * Welcome Guest to the Outlet
          * Ask if they have a Reservation
          * Ask Guest preference (SMOKING or NON-SMOKING)
          * Guide Guest to Table Preference (use open palm)
   5. Escorting the Guest
          * Always lead the guest.
          * Use open palm, direct which way to go.
          * For elderly and/or disabled assist properly. Note: Ask permission 1 st .
          * For group with kids, position them in the corner or wall side
          * For couples assist them to the best view of the restaurant /corner
          * Always follow guest preference.
          * Assist when sitting by pulling out and pushing back the chair gently (Ladies First) .
          * Offer a booster chair for guest with children
   6. Check Comfort
          * Confirm if they are comfortable with the selected seat/s and table/s.
          * Ask if table is enough for the group
          * Adjust to any of the guest preference.
          * Remove coats
          * Check satisfaction.
          * Remove any extra place settings.
   7. Lay Napkins
          * From the left
          * The napkin has to be folded in a triangle; ensure minimum handling.
          * Check the body language of the ladies if they are uncomfortable refrain from laying the napkins on the laps put it on the hand rest of the chair.
   8. Water Service
          * Choice of bottled water or regular water
          * Regular water must be served immediately
          * Bottled water should be served in 4 minutes
          * Offer the bottle to the guest. After he approves the temperature proceed to open the bottle.
          * If the bottle has a plastic seal remove it and put it in your pocket.
          * Unscrew the cap of the bottle
          * Proceed to pour the water; from right hand side of the guest. Keep a serviette handy.
          * Cap the bottle and put it in the center of the table
   9. Offer Menu
          * To each guest where possible; ladies first
          * Check for damaged or dog eared menu before hand
          * Check that the menu is not upside down before offering it to the guest
          * Open the menu to the first page while offering it to the guest.
          * Hold menu at upper part with your right hand and assist with your left hand at the bottom part.
  10. Take orders
          * From the ladies/ host first
          * Always carry a KOT pad and a pen to the table
          * Stand at a convenient distance from the guest.
          * Make useful recommendations while taking the order
          * Note the courses separately; with a line
          * Repeat the order
          * Take the beverage order first, then starter order and then main-course order. Present the dessert menu after the guest has finished the main-course.
          * While taking the order inform the guest about the time that will be taken to prepare the food.
          * Change cutlery according to guest’s / order requirement using a serving plate.
  11. Repeat Order
          * Sir / Ma’am, may I repeat your order pls.…..
          * You ordered for (#) pcs. of…
          * Doneness
          * Sauces
          * Drinks (alco / non-alco)
          * Extra’s
          * Portion/s
          * Which would you like to be served first?
          * Would that be all Sir/Maam?
          * Thank Guest sincerely
  12. Know your Product
          * Know what your product is
          * Portioning
          * Doneness
          * Ingredients
          * Preparation time
          * Presentation
          * Sauces, condiments, etc. that goes with the meal.
          * Cutleries, chinaware’s & glasses
          * Suggest other food items best to go with the meal ordered
  13. Suggestive Selling
          * Offer slow moving but highly profitable Items.
          * Consider kitchen stock FIFO
          * Suggest aperitif or wine to go with their meal
          * Offer specialty of the day/house
          * Offer second servings of items ordered.
          * Suggest long drinks and fresh juices
          * Inform guest of food portioning for possible adjustments with their order/s..
  14. Placing Orders to Bar & Kitchen
          * Encode orders to system
          * Provide copy of BOT for Beverage
          * Provide copy of KOT for Food Orders
          * Specify Sequence
          * Inform Guest Preference on Food and Drinks
          * If preference is not available, inform Guest ASAP.
  15. Quality Check
          * Check if prepared food is within standards
          * Check portioning based on standards
          * Check preparation based on guest request.
          * Check plates used
          * Check cutlery set-up in the table.
          * Check condiments needed
          * Prepare all serving gears
  16. Food Presentation
          * Excuse yourself from the guest when ever presenting any food or Beverage
          * Present to guest through the correct serving side (follow sequence of service).
          * Confirm or repeat order while laying items on the table
          * Inform Guest of his / her preference and how it has been prepared.
          * Offer assistance after serving. “Is there anything else I may assist you with Sir/Ma’am?”
          * Thank guest “enjoy your meal/drinks sir/maam”.
  17. Check Satisfaction
          * Check when it is the right time to interrupt. (breaking the silence)
          * “ How’s the food / beverage, how’s the taste? Was it prepared to your satisfaction?
          * “ Is there anything else I may assist you with, Sir / Maam?
          * “ Thank you very much, enjoy your Meal or Drinks.
  18. Offer desserts and hot beverages
          * “ Excuse me Sir/Ma’am would you like to try our _________ for dessert?”
          * Would you like some liqueurs?
          * I suggest you try our new concoction called _______, it’s good and helps for fast digestion.
          * Thank you very much (I’m sure you will like it!)
  19. Presenting the bill
          * Secure bill from the cashier
          * Check details of the bill.
          * Excuse yourself and present bill to guests
          * Check that the guest’s signature is correct for “ charge bill”
          * Thank guest and excuse yourself.
          * Forward bill/s to the cashier for posting
  20. Bidding Farewell
          * After processing the bill, return to guest and hand-over change if any.
          * Assist guest as they prepare to leave.
          * Lead guest to doorway.
          * Sincerely thank guest and bid goodbye.
  21. The customer is the most important visitor in our premises. He is not dependent on us – we are dependent on him. He is not an outsider in our business – he is a part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him – he is doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to do so.
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